Title Author Category
If... Questions for the Game of Life McFarlane, Evelyn Pop-Culture
Igniting A Revolution: Voices in Defense of the Earth Best, Steven Environment
Imagining Lives: Global Voices from a New Generation of Women Goldman, Paula Global Issues
In Abusive State: How Neoliberalism Appropriated the Feminist Movement Against Sexual Violence Bumiller, Kristin Rape and Abuse
In and Out of Crisis: The Global Financial Meltdown and Left Alternatives Albo, Greg Global Issues
In Her Day Brown, Rita Mae Literature
In the Hand of the Goddess Pierce, Tamora Feminine Literature
In The House of the Moon Elias, Jason Spirituality
In the Tiger's Mouth: An Empowerment Guide for Social Action Shields, Katrina Activism
In the Time of the Right: Reflections on Liberation Pharr, Suzanne Ethnic Studies
Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl Jacobs, Harriet Herstory
Indies Under Fire: The Battle for the American Bookstore Bricca, Jacob DVD
Instead of Prisons: Prison Research Education Action Project Critical Resitance Activism
Intercourse Dworkin, Andrea Sex
International Zapatismo: The Construction of Solidarity in the Age of Globalization Olesen, Thomas Activism
Intimate Life Styles: Marriage and its Alternatives DeLora, Jack R Sex
Introducing Women's Studies Robinson, Victoria Feminist Theory
Issues in Feminism 3rd Edition Ruth, Sheila Feminist Theory
Issues in Feminism: An Introduction to Women's Studies Ruth, Sheila Feminist Theory
It's Okay To Be Different Parr, Todd Children
Jail House Lawyers: Prisoners Defending Prisons V. The U.S.A. Abu-Jamal, Mumia Activism
John Brown: His Fight for Freedom Hendrix, John Children
Journalists: 100 Years of the Best Writing and Reporting by Women Journalists Mills, Eleanor Herstory
Kathryn Corbett: Living Biographies Video
Keep the Money Coming: A Step by Step Strategic Guide for Annual Fundraising Graham, Christine Activism
Kentucky Fried Cruelty Video
Kickin' Back With The Girls: A Young Woman's Survival Guide 2nd Edition Health Initiatives for Youth Self-Help
King & King & Family Haan, Linda Children
La Contra Cultura/Counter Culture Olmeca CD
La Republica de East LA Rodriguez, Luis J. Feminist Literature
Land of the Burnt Thigh: A Lively Story of Women Homesteaders On the South Dakota Frontier Kohl, Eudora Biography
Las Mujeres: Conversations from a Hispanic Community Elsasser, Nan Herstory
Last Standing Woman LaDuke, Winona Ethnic Studies
Leasing the Ivory Tower: The Corporate Takeover of Academia Soley, Lawrence C. Education
Legacy to Liberation: Politics and culture of revolutionary asian pacific america Ho, Fred Ethnic Studies
Legislative theatre Boal, August Art
Lesbian Studies: Present and Future Cruikshank, Margaret Feminist Theory
Lesbian Voices: Sinister Wisdom 42 Queer Issues
Lesbians At Midlife: The Creative Transition Sang, Barbara Queer Issues
Lesbians Raising Sons Wells, Jess Queer Issues
Let Freedom Ring: A Collection of Documents from the Movemetns to Free U.S. Political Prisoners Meyer, Matt Herstory
Let Nobody Turn Us Around: Voices of Resistance, Reform, and Renewal Marable, Manning Ethnic Studies
Let the Circle Be Unbroken Taylor, Mildred D. Feminine Literature
Letters From Young Activists: Today's Rebels Speak Out Berger/Boudin/Farrow Activism
Liberating Shahrazad: Feminism, Postcolonialism, and Islam Gauch, Suzanne Ethnic Studies
Lickin' the Beaters 2: Vegan Chocolate and Candy Moffat, Suie Nutrition
Lickin' the Beaters: Low Fat Vegan Desserts Moffat, Suie Nutrition
Life and Crossing over in the Yurok Culture Video
Lighting the Eighth Fire: The Liberation, Resurgance, and Protection of Indigenous Nations Simpson, Leanne Activism
Like There's No Tomorrow: Meditations for Women Leaving Patriarchy Gage, Carolyn Feminist Theory