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The Rosa Parks Resource Room


Come visit our Rosa Parks Resource Room dedicated to the memory of Rosa Parks and her activist work. We have an extensive selection of books, DVDs, CDs and other resources to check out of the library. If you know of a book, DVD, CD, or zine that you would love to see in the Resource Room please email us with the title at This library is based on an honor system and we trust that you will return the items.

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Mxnstrual Gear Education

The WRC offers free educational workshops on menstrual gear including; how to safely use a Diva Cup, DIY pad making, tinctures and herbal teas for mxnstrual cramps.

Tampons and pads are free for all students. Stop by our office to learn more!


Other Resources

The WRC is also a wonderful resource on campus to connect you with the many local community resources available. We have information leaflets about different local Trans* Resources, Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Survivor Resources, Queer Resources and much more. If you are interested in learning more about any of these kinds of topics feel free to email us at
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