Take Back The Night Art


 The WRC is featuring art and resources to raise awareness of sexual assault and to stand in solidarity with survivors.

flyer by Josie Licavoli


Clara Balingit 

hello dear reader! my name is clara marie balingit (they/she) and i am a writer, artist, and singer. my instagram is @animatedmud, and i'll be making a website soon! i mostly submitted poetry for this event; some are new, some are old. these poems encompass my emotions surrounding being a survivor, including grief, transformation, persistence, rage, and hope. i hope you enjoy this piece of my soul, and if you connect with these, know i'm sending gentle hugs and good love your way. i love you! keep going.




Tatiana Madriaga

The Raven Project

Hannah Rosheger

Everything seems so simple at first, every pencil mark, every brush stroke. Simple is it to think we are safe in this world, that is what we are trapped to believe.